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Identifying Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

September 11, 2022

One of the most vital aspects of a human experience is linked between quality of social relationships and improved health (Umberson & Aras Montez, 2010). If we do not take care of ourselves by engaging in healthy relationships, it is…

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The Dimensions of Wellness with Mental Health

September 30, 2021

More commonly, the six dimensions to wellness are occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. Each dimension has a purpose is person’s life as creating a full and balanced lifestyle. It is important to recognize that the six dimensions of…

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The Effects of Stress on Mental Health with Mood, Thoughts and Behavior…

September 30, 2021

How can stress affect my mental health with mood, thinking and body? Stress is a natural reaction to challenges that may be taking place in your life. When people feel stress, the body and mind respond with production of hormones…

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